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Product Overview

The ZiiLABS high performance, low-energy ARM-based processors combine with a broad portfolio of enabling hardware platforms and a rich suite of Android based software to deliver all the vital building blocks required for the rapid creation and deployment of media-rich devices.

Capable of high-definition 1080p video, cutting-edge OpenGL ES 2.0 3D graphics, enhanced audio processing and a desktop web experience the ZMS processors combine with the ZiiLABS platforms and software to enable ODM and OEM customers to deliver compelling solutions across a wide range of consumer and embedded products such-as tablets, video conferencing solutions and digital home products.

Applications Processors

ZMS Processors

At the heart of the ZMS processors is the innovative StemCell computing array, a flexible multi-format media processor that complements the single and multi-core Cortex A8 and A9 cores to deliver an advanced high-perfromance, low power compute and media processing solution. more ...


Enabling Hardware Platforms

Market-Ready products such as the Android Tablets enable developers, integrators and OEMs to innovate and profit by creating their own brand solutions where the hardware design, software and product certifications have all been taken into consideration. more ...


Rich Software Suite

The powerful ZiiLABS software suite includes a robust Linux Kernel, enhanced Android OS, Board Support Packages (BSPs) plus an advanced Media Framework and a range of Zii Applications that are highly optimised to exploit the full capabilities of the underlying ZMS processors. more ...